Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Well, let's try this again.  
It is Wednesday correct? lol

Ok, I think I have shared this with you before but sometimes I feel like the universe is working with me while I'm thrift shoppping. lol

Like a few weeks ago, when I was about to purchase a booster seat for my 3 year old to use at the dinner table.

Several months ago she decided she was big enough for our dining room chairs and no longer required sitting in her highchair.  Which, meant more food on the floor than in her mouth.  I finally had enough sweeping and wiping rice and miscellaneous food bits off the floor, and so the idea of a booster seat came to mind.

But then, the same day I went to Salvation Army and found this!

Yep, cute little beat up chair just like I like em. 

Didn't even have to paint it. 

Its goes quite nicely with my decor.

I did however have to scrub some kind of spaghetti sauce and some random stickers off of it.  But, for $7.99 it does the job and its a bit more aesthetically pleasing to me then the booster seat:) 

Simple pleasures:)

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