Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not So Little Anymore....

Thursday, March 28, 2013
Here it is.

And there it goes, my last "baby" room... Gone. Sniff, sniff. 

She will be turning 3 in June and so we finally decided it was time for her to move into a real bed and out of her crib.  Yes, I had put this off for several reasons.

Firstly, she had not figured out how to escape from her cage crib yet. Secondly, I knew everything would change and this meant facing the fact that this "baby" is not going to be a "baby" forever.

As Ayla would say, "I'm not a baby, I"m a kid." lol

But her growing up is inevitable so we will just have to embrace these memorable milestones!

I'm somewhat shocked as to how much furniture I squeezed into this tiny little room and happy this wing back chair (I got off craigslist when I was pregnant) got to stay.  It's one symbol left behind to remind me of the nights we snuggled together and read stories before I put her in her crib:)

Okay, sorry no more sappy.

I'm quite proud that almost everything in this room is recycled.  If only my husband could see how thrifty I really was?!.... lol.

I kept the original hardware.

In case you didn't know.  Brass is back.

Style at home magazine said so.

Which worked out great for me:)

Now I'm onto the next room makeover.  However, this one entails dealing with a strongly opinionated soon to be 8 year old girl.  So, I am approaching this one with some ease and patience:)  I'm working on the dressers right now.  And trying to come up with creative ways to compromise and please all of us. lol

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Purple Purple Purple

Friday, March 22, 2013

This fun vintage magazine rack has been painted out PURPLE!

Is is great for storing magazines or books, solid wood and has great detailing.  

Not to small and not too big.

Measures 27" w x 22" h x 13" d. 

Black Antique Dresser


This piece was part of my "baby's" nursery for the last 2 years but she is nearly approaching 3 and we finally decided to upgrade her into a "big girl" bed and made some changes with the color scheme. 

So this gorgeous spindly legged beauty is looking for a new owner:)

All drawers slide well and it has beautiful ceramic pulls.  As well as lovely carved detailing on the drawer fronts. 

It measures 44" w x 34" h x 22" d.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Little Peanut

Friday, March 15, 2013

It's hard to believe that my little "peanut" is already almost 3 and it's now time to move her into a big girl bed! So it is time to part with a few more pieces, once again.  

This gorgeous spindle Storkcraft crib has been refinished, painted black and slightly distressed.  It is in excellent condition. 

It measures 29.5" d x 55" w.

  The side rail has been equipped with hardware supplied by Storkcraft and because of this, it is secure and is unable to move up or down.  However, the mattress level is adjustable to accommodate different heights if desired.

Change table

I am also parting with this custom painted vintage change table.  It has also been painted black and slightly distressed.  (It does NOT include this cute little baby). 

It has gorgeous ceramic pulls. 

There is 6 spacious drawers and lots of room for little ones clothing:)  It's in fantastic condition and all drawers slide well. 

It measures 21.5" d x 43.5" w x 33" h. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First attempt at Upholstery - Success!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
As mentioned in one of my previous posts,  I've been putting off any "real" upholstery projects for several years now.  I'm not sure why I built it up to be so difficult but for whatever reasons, I had somehow unknowingly made myself scared of it.:)

BUT, I finally decided to tackle it and I'm happy to say I actually did it!!!

"I did it, I did it hooray!"

Sorry, that's what happens when you spend most of your days (or all of your days) with a toddler.

Now, I do need to give big props to the internet for helping me out yet again.  If it wasn't for the internet and good ol Pinterest, I probably would have messed this one up royally on my own. lol  

for posting such a great tutorial.  It was incredibly helpful to me.

This post is beginning to sound like a speech?....haha.  

I chose to use this lovely alphabet script fabric as I had already used it to make some throw cushions in my front room and was hoping if all went well, this would be a keeper!

And it is!

I'm already looking forward to my next upholstery project!  But, it might not be right away as my next projects are redoing both of my daughter's bedrooms.  Both are graduating into bigger beds.  So, I'll be selling off a few of my custom pieces, including a gorgeous black antique sideboard dresser, matching change table and a beautiful spindle black crib.  If you are in the market for any of these pieces, let me know:)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coffee Table Bench

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This is another piece I should have taken a before picture of!  It looked like a huge surf board when I purchased it:)

But, I got my handy dandy stepdad to once again work some magic on it and decided to make it into what I call a coffee table bench!  

Thank you Bob:)

Instead of a surfboard coffee table. 

The base has been painted in a creamy white and distressed.  The top was stripped and stained using a combination of walnut and ebony black stain.  It has also been sealed with clear wax on the base and a dark wax on the top.  

It can serve as a coffee table or as a bench, which makes it a great multipurpose piece.  There is also lot's of room underneath for basket storage space.  

It measures 18" d x 42" w x 21" h. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Antique Barrel Chair

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Friday everyone!

I finally ventured back out to my garage this week.  I can make up various reasons for my slow return and hesitation to dive back into work but one of the biggest reasons has been a lack of inspiration.  

Or maybe avoidance?

I have had several pieces in my garage that have been sitting for quite some time and I was avoiding them.  Some need extensive sanding and patching, some need woodwork repair and then there is the dreaded upholstery projects.  

I admit, I have been putting off upholstery for several years now.  Although, I guess I am a few steps ahead of some people, as I have completed dining room chairs, benches etc.  It's the "BIG" upholstered chair projects that I've been working the courage up to tackle.

Call me silly or weird, but I really do believe in the "everything happens for a reason" quote.  Apparently, more than I even know, cause one of my neighbors says she saw a sign and almost bought it for me, cause I always refer to it!

I've been popping into my local thrift spots over the last month or two and haven't seen much worth taking home.  I believe this is the universe speaking to me.  lol.  

And then I saw this quote yesterday while wasting more of my life away on Pinterest. 

This folks, means this to me.  

"Stay home.

Complete the ---- you have in your garage.  

And do the best with what you have."

- Jentiques

That is how the universe speaks to me. lol.  

And now you all think I'm weird.

And on another note, here's one of those odds and ends that I was referring to.  All freshened up, and looking for someone to love it all up again!


I love the color of this blue.  It's often hard to photograph the true color of some pieces, but I think this picture captures it.  

I LOVE anything tufted.  The upholstery and cane are in great condition and this chair is solid wood, & sturdy.  

Painted crisp white with distressing.  

Where do you picture this chair?  Living room, bedroom, front entry, bathroom? 

And, I successfully unupholstered my first "BIG" chair project earlier this week, and am hoping the reupholster will also be a success and I can share it with you!

Wish me luck!

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