Friday, November 29, 2013

Meet Joy

Friday, November 29, 2013
This is Joy.  

Joy looks stunning in this one of a kind, hand made, vintage inspired ruffled "tree" skirt.  It measures approximately 49" in diameter and has some lovely ribbon ties in the back.  It is made from the finest natural and cream colored burlap.  Joy is also wearing a festive "Joy" banner, which has been hand stenciled and hung on a twine string.  

Both these items are available for purchase at 
~Jentiques Boutique~  

You may want to hurry, as these items are sure to be popular this season:)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Frames, Mason Jars, Ornaments, Chalkboards, Signs - For Sale

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Custom, triple coated, chalk painted mason jars, distressed and waxed.  Twine and snowflakes for accents and can be easily removed.  These can be wiped with a damp cloth but I would not recommend submerging them in water. 

$40 for set
$12 for pint
$14 for quart

2 - Red Quart Size
$14 each or $28 for set.

2 - Paris Gray Quart Size
$14 each or $28 for set

$12 each or $20 for set

White distressed frame chalkboard.  Measures 18" x 34".

Double sided lined burlap star ornaments.  5 1/2", hunt with twine.
5 for $20

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"
24" x 30.5"
Hand stenciled, large wood sign.

3" Burlap covered balls, with twine and snow flake embellishment.
4 / $20

Custom made hand stenciled wood sign.  Measures 21" x 5.5".

Perfect hostess gift! Cause even the naughty people deserve something nice:)
Pint size $8 
Quart Size $10

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Burlap Table Runners

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fancy up your table with one of these vintage inspired ruffled burlap runners. 

Ruffled table runners, made custom to fit your table.  It will measure approximately 17" in width, the length of your table plus approximately 10-12 inches on either side which includes overhang and ruffle.  

The side edges have been turned in, pressed, sewn and neatly trimmed to prevent fraying.  These are not washable but can be spot treated for minor stains or marks. 


The ruffles are to fancy for you? 

Then go with a clean cut simple straight runner.  Natural burlap and will be made custom to fit your table length.  It is approximately 17" wide and the length of your table plus 6 inches on either side. 

This is not washable but can be spot treated carefully for minor stains or marks.  The side seams have been turned in and pressed and sewn to prevent fraying.  If fraying occurs at the end raw edges, simply trim the loose ends with scissors. 


Lastly, the raw edge with twine ties.  This can be left straight or tied but will be longer if untied. 

Also made with natural burlap, the edge seams have been turned, pressed, sewn and trimmed to prevent fraying.  This is not washable but can be spot treated carefully for minor stains and marks.  It measures approximately 17" wide and will be custom made to fit your table length plus the required overhang needed to tie.  

If the raw edges begin to fray, you can simply trim the edges with a pair of scissors.  


As mentioned, these are all custom made to fit your table.  They will take one to two weeks to be made.  Shipping is available if needed but there is additional fee. 

Please email me at if you have any questions or would like to place an order:) 

Christmas Tree Skirts


Just in time for Christmas!  Dress up your tree with one of these:)  

This tree skirt is made of natural and cream burlap.  It is lined and has 4 tiers of ruffles.  3 ribbon ties for closure.  The edges have been left raw with some fraying for a vintage feel.  It measures approximately 49" in diameter.  I have done my best to capture the true color.  This is not washable. 


Red ruffle and natural burlap.  It measures approximately 48" in diameter.  It has 3 twine ties for closure.  The edges of the ruffled have been turned to prevent fraying.  I have done my best to capture the true color in the pictures.  This is not washable. 


Made with natural burlap with your choice of a raw edge, or finished edge ruffle.  Has 3 ties for closure.  Measures approximately 48" in diameter. This is not washable. I have done my best to capture the true color in the picture. 


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nautical Highboy

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ok, so I'm really loving this dresser!  

I've always wanted to do a piece with rope pulls and when I picked this piece up, I knew almost right away it was the one:) 

The drawers have been stripped and stained with a warm walnut color and sealed with a clear and dark wax. 

The base of the dresser was painted with a thin coat black and distressed.  

It was a nice change to work on something a little more masculine. 

And you will probably see these handles again sometime in the future. 

What do you think?

Measures 29.5" w x 18" d x 46" h

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pretty and Pink

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

OMG, or as my dear friend Dina would say.  
"Sweet Baby J----!"  

I'm alone!!!!!  

Yep, I've got another whopping 45min alone until I have to pick up the wee one from preschool.  

So, there may be some typing and grammar errors in this post.  But, what else is new?:)

After too many weeks, this dresser is finally complete and for sale.

I decided to jump on the "ombre" wagon and I'm lovin this pretty and pink dresser.  

It's got some cute details, including this carved detail under the 2nd drawer and I personally love these upcycled brass flower knobs painted out white.  

I'm always a sucker for this shaker look on the sides. 

It's only 3 drawers but they are of a large size and lined with pretty wallpaper:)  It is a good height and could serve as a nursery change table, or a bedside table. 

So who's home is it going to?:)

It measures 17.5d x 38" w x 35.5"h. 

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