Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pretty and Pink

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

OMG, or as my dear friend Dina would say.  
"Sweet Baby J----!"  

I'm alone!!!!!  

Yep, I've got another whopping 45min alone until I have to pick up the wee one from preschool.  

So, there may be some typing and grammar errors in this post.  But, what else is new?:)

After too many weeks, this dresser is finally complete and for sale.

I decided to jump on the "ombre" wagon and I'm lovin this pretty and pink dresser.  

It's got some cute details, including this carved detail under the 2nd drawer and I personally love these upcycled brass flower knobs painted out white.  

I'm always a sucker for this shaker look on the sides. 

It's only 3 drawers but they are of a large size and lined with pretty wallpaper:)  It is a good height and could serve as a nursery change table, or a bedside table. 

So who's home is it going to?:)

It measures 17.5d x 38" w x 35.5"h. 

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  1. The dresser is gorgeous Jen!!! I love all the little details on it.


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