Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage Cart Makeover

Friday, August 24, 2012

After two weeks of holidays this summer, I'm back to work and starting to prepare for the fall.  Here's what I've been working on this week!

This cart had been in my garage for some time.  Originally, I was hoping to keep it but after a short while I realized I just couldn't find the right spot for it in my home.  So, we would have to part:(

The geometrical cut out design on the sides caught my eye right away when I spotted this piece.  For some reason I immediately pictured it white and fresh.

It has been painted with pure white chalk paint and distressed slightly.  I sealed it using French Linen chalk paint mixed with clear wax for a slight grey washed look.

The wash is very subtle but you can kind of see in this close up.

I love the idea of using this in a bathroom as I have it staged here.  It would be perfect for extra towels and soaps etc that you don't have room for in your cupboards and on counter tops.  At the end of a bed with some boxes or baskets, in a baby nursery, or a laundry room.

It measures 16.5" d x 32 1/4" w x 25" h.


White Farmhouse Hutch


Hutches and buffets are a bit of my new obsession:)  I did a previous post on one that I finished a few weeks ago and ended up keeping it for myself because I fell in love with it.  This happens more often than not.  More often than my husband would like.

So when I saw this piece the week after I completed the last one, I was excited to do another one!

It is two pieces so the top can be removed if you so wished.  It has been painted with pure white chalk paint and I chose to distress this more than I usually do.  I'm trying to "break out of my box" as they say and experiment more with techniques and I'm really liking the end result in the last few pieces I've completed.

It has great curvy lines and I love the bead board or panel backing on the shelving.  It is solid wood and in great shape.

It measures 34" w x 61.5" h x 16" d.

This ones a keeper - A Buffet for Me!

I had the best intentions to sell this piece when I bought it last week but once I refinished it, I was even more in love with it and decided it needed to stay with me!

I have always wanted a buffet in my dining room.  A place to display pretty things.

I used a brush to paint this piece and used Annie Sloans Pure White chalk paint.  I did one thick coat and then sanded it smooth until I achieved this look.  I was planning on doing another coat but once I finished the sanding I was loving the distressed weathered look.  So, volia!  

I painted out the original hardware as well and absolutely adore it.

I had no troubles filling this up after rummaging through my kitchen cupboards.  But, I'm sure I will change it constantly, cause I'm kind of crazy like that.

I am already dreaming up ideas for Halloween and Christmas displays.  lol.

And I keep walking into the room just to admire it:)

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