Friday, August 24, 2012

This ones a keeper - A Buffet for Me!

Friday, August 24, 2012
I had the best intentions to sell this piece when I bought it last week but once I refinished it, I was even more in love with it and decided it needed to stay with me!

I have always wanted a buffet in my dining room.  A place to display pretty things.

I used a brush to paint this piece and used Annie Sloans Pure White chalk paint.  I did one thick coat and then sanded it smooth until I achieved this look.  I was planning on doing another coat but once I finished the sanding I was loving the distressed weathered look.  So, volia!  

I painted out the original hardware as well and absolutely adore it.

I had no troubles filling this up after rummaging through my kitchen cupboards.  But, I'm sure I will change it constantly, cause I'm kind of crazy like that.

I am already dreaming up ideas for Halloween and Christmas displays.  lol.

And I keep walking into the room just to admire it:)

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