Friday, March 1, 2013

Antique Barrel Chair

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Friday everyone!

I finally ventured back out to my garage this week.  I can make up various reasons for my slow return and hesitation to dive back into work but one of the biggest reasons has been a lack of inspiration.  

Or maybe avoidance?

I have had several pieces in my garage that have been sitting for quite some time and I was avoiding them.  Some need extensive sanding and patching, some need woodwork repair and then there is the dreaded upholstery projects.  

I admit, I have been putting off upholstery for several years now.  Although, I guess I am a few steps ahead of some people, as I have completed dining room chairs, benches etc.  It's the "BIG" upholstered chair projects that I've been working the courage up to tackle.

Call me silly or weird, but I really do believe in the "everything happens for a reason" quote.  Apparently, more than I even know, cause one of my neighbors says she saw a sign and almost bought it for me, cause I always refer to it!

I've been popping into my local thrift spots over the last month or two and haven't seen much worth taking home.  I believe this is the universe speaking to me.  lol.  

And then I saw this quote yesterday while wasting more of my life away on Pinterest. 

This folks, means this to me.  

"Stay home.

Complete the ---- you have in your garage.  

And do the best with what you have."

- Jentiques

That is how the universe speaks to me. lol.  

And now you all think I'm weird.

And on another note, here's one of those odds and ends that I was referring to.  All freshened up, and looking for someone to love it all up again!


I love the color of this blue.  It's often hard to photograph the true color of some pieces, but I think this picture captures it.  

I LOVE anything tufted.  The upholstery and cane are in great condition and this chair is solid wood, & sturdy.  

Painted crisp white with distressing.  

Where do you picture this chair?  Living room, bedroom, front entry, bathroom? 

And, I successfully unupholstered my first "BIG" chair project earlier this week, and am hoping the reupholster will also be a success and I can share it with you!

Wish me luck!

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