Friday, July 5, 2013


Friday, July 5, 2013

Here is is the moment you've all been waiting for.... Drum roll please.... lol. 

Holy moly, I posted this picture last week on my facebook page and wozers there were a lot of comments on this fabulous color!  

And I still have no idea why it keeps flipping sideways? 

Anyone notice the shocking similarity between this desk and my phone? lol

After a long break and or brief hiatus I finally started working again last week.  On the list of many bits and pieces was this super yummy desk for a client's daughter.  

Her daughter picked the color and I immediately fell in love with my first few brush strokes. 

I almost felt like I was inside a swimming pool when I was painting under this piece:)

It's refreshing to be back doing what I love and to start with something new and fresh.

Thank you for the inspiration Ava:)  I'm not sure you follow my blog because you are only 7. lol

Funny, this inspiration has been at the end of my finger tips for months, but has just finally came to be!


  1. My daughter's whole room is painted that color...Tiffany blue, matches the Tiffany box ;) She did one wall black with accents and mirrors. It is a very peaceful color with a pop! You did an amazing job on that dresser!


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