Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pallet Sideboard

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Once again, I've swapped out some of my furniture in my home for the something else.  

This sideboard or sofa table has been custom built with pallet boards.  

One of my future goals is to make time and find some resources (people) to help me learn more about wood working.  I would LOVE to be able to create more of my ideas and build all of these wonderful things I have dreamed up.  However, I am not willing to lose a finger trying to figure out how to use the power tools, saws etc.  So, until I get some wood working lessons, I beg and plead for others to help me.  

I had probably asked my husband one too many times last year so my step-dad was next in line:)  Thankfully, he was happy to help!

I would have kept it longer except, my talented friend Kristy from mentioned she just finished this fantastic huge sofa table. (You can check out her blog for pictures)  She had seen my enormously long and somewhat large formal living / dining room and we had discussed my space planning and how awkward the room was.  

Finding furniture that filled the space has been somewhat of a task over the last year or so. It's slowly coming together, but I'm still searching for chairs and a larger coffee table. I would also love to see new flooring and a new fireplace but those are all jobs I'm unable to do so until then, I can change the furniture cause that's one of the PROS of what I do!

This upcylced pallet board table has been dry brushed with white latex paint and waxed for protection.  I wanted the wood grain and plank boards to be featured and didn't want to hide them with a solid color. 

There is an extra shelf below for baskets, blanks, books or more...

It measures 41"w x 15 1'2"d x 33" h.


  1. Is this table still available? It is exactly what I want for my foyer. Even the dimensions are right.



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