Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Vintage Display Cabinet

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This is a gorgeous antique solid wood cabinet.  I can't take credit for this find though.  My mom picked it up and offered me a trade.  It was a done deal as soon as I saw it:) I love that I have people scouting out pieces for me!  I've had neighbors and friends pick up pieces for me at the store or contact me about something they've seen on the curbside nearby.  And I'm always appreciative of their finds!

It was a pukey peach color when it came to me...

It had a rich vintage feeling so I chose to paint it black and distressed it slightly.  

It's great for display and staged here as a liquor cabinet but could be used in a bathroom for towels and linens or as a bookcase.

The inside is in excellent condition   The shelves are adjustable and have plate rails.  

The wood detail on the glass door can be removed if desired.  It's a unique piece and has some beautiful carved detailing.  

Measures 14" d x 30" w x 58 1/4" h.  


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