Friday, November 23, 2012

Little old farmhouse

Friday, November 23, 2012

I know I've probably said this before and it probably won't be my last post that I repeat myself.  Along with too many of these :), spelling and grammar mistakes, bad photos and the list goes on.  But....

I'm in love with this simple little old farmhouse cupboard! If I could find a nook in my home for it, it would stay.

I will refrain from adding another ":)" at the end of that last sentence.

But, if I kept every piece of furniture along with everything "old" I bring home and fell in love with, my house would probably begin to look like this...

Which is somewhat acceptable in my garage but not so much inside.  And by acceptable, I mean to me but not to my husband.  

Refraining from adding more:) and lol's.

So, for sale it is.  

It has been painted with ASCP pure white and distressed to fit's it's old charming farmhouse character.  I added new hardware to pretty it up.  

Who doesn't love shaker style paneling and some vintage rolling casters?!  They might not roll very smoothly but I always adore them:)  And if you don't, they can easily be removed.  

This piece is small enough to use as a side or night table and good for a laundry room or bathroom.  It always amazes me when I sell a piece as to where it will end up.  It's often not even where I envisioned it but I'm always glad to breath some new life into a piece and see it go to a new home!

Measures 29" w x 16" d x 27 1/4" h.


  1. you said we would get photos of the old farmhouse market next time?????????????? anonymous lol


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