Thursday, July 12, 2012

Classic White Highboy

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quite a while back, I posted this picture on facebook....

It was a dark cold rainy day..... ha ha.  Not fun for sanding or painting so drawer liner it was.

These are the parts of doing what I love, that I don't love:)

Removing old drawer liner, or in this case, some bad wall paper from dresser drawers.  Sometimes, you get lucky and it's so old that the adhesive on the liner has basically given up and you can just peal it up in one quick shot, and other times your not so lucky.  This was one of those unlucky times.

This was wall paper and was going to involve some elbow grease. But it need to go, so off to work I went.

So first I removed this lovely corsage that someone sadly left behind.  I'm sure it was beautiful back in it's day?

After searching google and coming up with several different methods, I decided to try the warm soapy water method.  I didn't have any coke in the house, so that option was out:)  Yes, that is an option via google.

All you need to do, is take a warm soapy and slightly damp cloth and soak the wall paper.  I would recommend not going overboard on the "soaking", as you don't want to have issues with wet wood and swelling, etc.

Then gently use a scraper and start scraping away.  If the paper has just enough moisture on it, it will come off quite easily.  You may need to re-moisten as you go along.

Warning:  This brings out the lovely musty old dresser smell quite fragrantly.

After it was all removed and the drawers were dry, I gave them a light sand inside.  Voila, no more retro wallpaper. I love a lot of retro things, but this not so much.  To finish them off, I added a new black and white liner. 

This classic highboy has been painted with Simply White by CC Caldwell, slightly distressed and finished off with a clear wax for protection.

New hardware was added.  And who doesn't love a little ole key hole!

It is solid wood, has dovetail drawers and gorgeous legs:)

It measures 18 1/2" d x 32" w x 46 1/2" h.  It's looking for a new home and it could be in yours!


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