Friday, July 13, 2012

Sweet Yellow Farmhouse Cabinet

Friday, July 13, 2012

Inspired by summer!  The sun is finally shining and this cabinet was calling to me for a new color, so after some brainstorming I decided yellow it would be.

This is what the piece looked like when I picked it up.

One of the exciting things about refinishing a piece is wondering where it has been, who has owned it, what room did they have it in, and how many colors had it been already?

As I sanded away the pink, a rainbow of pastel colors started to appear.  This little old cabinet had already been refinished several times.  Pink, blue, green and even yellow!  So, it seemed like my choice of color was it's destiny:)

I chose White Raisin by Sherwin Williams.  I freshened up the inside of the cabinet with a fresh coat of white and added some new hardware as well.

I love the shaker style doors and side detailing.

This cabinet is so versatile.  Great for a kitchen or dining room server, patio, bathroom, front entry and adorable in a bedroom.

Here is a picture of it with some white hardware for a more feminine look.

This piece measures 16 1/2" d x 32" w x 38" h, and you get the choice of hardware for this one!


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