Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Searching for peace in chaos

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Enough is enough.  I have been searching and thinking and every day is passing and I feel so out of sorts these days!  

Without going into great detail, there are various reasons for me searching for peace in chaos.  

One being the constant state of renos going on in our home.  Yes, very grateful for these updates.  But, it sometimes (and by this I mean for the last few months) seems like an invasion of my privacy, sharing my space with all these workers and men watching my coming and going.  lol.  

For example, this was the view I had last week from my office windows. 

I literally feel like I'm looking for a light at the end of the tunnel some days!

To add to my lack of sanity, I went to see a natural-path at the beginning of the month for some health concerns that I'd been dealing with and she has put me on a very strict restricted diet, which does not allow for anything one would like to indulge in, like say coffee, wine, chips or chocolate:) 

This alone, never mind the renos and 3 children, a husband and 2 gerbals, could drive anyone crazy! lol

But, today I said enough is enough.  I'm putting off my "chores", I'm skipping my workout at the gym and I'm gonna get back to work!

So, I sanded. And I sanded some more.  2 desks.  Nearly an hour and a half.  One, took nearly no time, but this....

This is probably not a good project to start with when just getting back to work.  ugggg  Not fun.  
Thick, thick, sloppy paint.  I actually started scrapping the drawer, rather then sanding it was that bad. 

However, I am excited to finally start something new and I am working on the other desk for a client and her daughter has picked out a great new color that I get to work with!

I have no idea why my picture is turned like this, and I'm too tired to try to fix it.:)

So, this is exciting!  I am not so excited to get back to sanding that other desk but for now I will focus on this.

BUT...  Yes, there is a but.  

Of course. Like Murphys law.  

"If something can go wrong, it will go wrong."

My oldest has come down with something this evening, vommitting and all. Which means, the chances of her attending school tomorrow are slim to none.  Which means, the chances of me working tomorrow are also slim.  

This is my chaos:) 

But, I will remain hopeful that I will somehow figure this out. 

And I will also leave you with an update of my veggie garden which is off to a great start so far.  

This is another paint project in progress... I stained these trellis panels a few weeks ago but still haven't gotten to the top portion!  And I also have a set of stairs, a small wrap around deck and some ceder beams that need to be done in my spare time as well. 

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