Thursday, June 27, 2013

Burlap, lace, tule, & one very cute 3 year old:)!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last week, my baby, my little one, my peanut, my dolly, my squirt, my sunshine
turned 3!  

On her actual BIRTHDAY, we went for a bike ride to the park to play!

 But, we just had to make a quick little stop before we hit the park... 

Mommy just needed a picture or two or three or 20...

Now, I'm no photographer and I think my camera sucks.  It could be me and or my lack of photography skills, but I am actually happy with these!

It definitely helps that this child is almost always happy and goes with the flow quite easily.  So it didn't take much to convince her to pick some flowers, smile and look cute:)

We finished the evening with swimming and ice cream!  Perfect day!

This past weekend we celebrated with our family.  

I set up this table during the week.  I didn't want to spend much and came up with this theme thanks to good ole PINTEREST.  I knew I had all of these items already so it was easy peasy. 

  The pink lace table cloth is actually a curtain thrift store find, the table is an old wood folding table that my mom passed down to me.  The shutters were a road side find that I used at my last vintage market, the cake stand another vintage find, along with the milk glass vase and dish.  And I made the tule pom poms with the extra fabric I cut from my curtains in my showroom, and the burlap pom poms were also from my remnant pieces of fabric.  


The cake, well that's another story.  lol.  You see this whole natural path restricted diet thing has kind of made me a little crazy.  or a lot crazy. I decided that I wanted to serve something a bit healthier than the store bought cake mix, so I would bake something from scratch.  How hard could it be, right? 

Well, I guess if I went with the white flour, 2 cups of sugar, 5 eggs recipes it would have probably looked like a real birthday cake but no, I decided to go for the healthier... version.  Which left me with cake #1 looking a bit like a pancake. lol

Despite being a pancake, I spread some cream cheese icing on it (yes, I know not so healthy but we have to live a little!), topped it with some organic toasted coconut, walnuts and sprinkled cinnamon.  A piece of fresh mint from my garden, a borrowed cake plate from my lovely neighbor, my thrift store cake dome and voila again!

It's like magic.

So, cake #2 is a carrot cake (as seen here below), which ended up a bit taller and I could manage to trim it with the burlap like I had planned.  So that was that, and hopefully it didn't taste like cardboard.:)

The birthday girl wore a lovely "vintage" dress:)

She was elated with her new "baby."

And she even had seconds of the cake:)

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