Friday, March 16, 2012

The Multitasking Mother

Friday, March 16, 2012

As a mother of 2 1/2 a children.  (2 of my own and one stepchild:) I have been asked a few times "how do you get all these projects done?"  And my answer is.....

Today, while one naps, and one is at a playdate I am working on my posts.

Some days while I am sewing pillows, I occupy my children with crayons and paper.

Sometimes they choose to not use the paper and feel my white dining room table and cabinet look like a great blank canvas.  EEK! She is not yet 2 years old, so she will be forgiven for this sin:)  And thankfully, this came off with a little elbow grease.

And as you can see I pay close attention to them while I am consumed in my projects, as I was sitting right here sewing these table runners while she did this.....

And some days, I simply rely on the television to entertain them.  I painted these side tables this month right in my dining room.

Some days I feel bad for not "playing" with them all day long while we are together.  But besides being a mother, there's another part of me, I guess you could say my creative "junky" side, that I just can't turn off.  I crave projects like an addict.  A good thrift store find or admiring a project I just created and completed.

So, I guess just like any addict, if you have an addiction, you usually find a way to get your fix.  Sometimes, it involves sacrafices and consequences.  Last week one of them was red crayon:)

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  1. True that, sista. When I hear "how do you do it", the truth is... "How can I NOT do it", and the answer is, impossible! No OFF switch here either :) xoxo


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