Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye to my little "Empire"

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
It was just this past Sunday when I said aloud "this old dinosaur ain't gonna last forever," and what do you know, the belt breaks the next day just as I'm about to start some sewing projects.

I honestly don't know where this machine came from.  I know it was passed down to me from my mother but she doesn't recall it being hers and nor does my my Beppe "Grandma in Friesen.".  One day not too long ago, my Beppe who often states her sewing machine is so old that it came from Noah and the Ark, was even surprised when I showed her the machine and said it might be older than hers!  lol.  She too,did not recognize it or know where it came from.  So, apparently I somehow inherited this mysterious machine from someone? And there is a good chance I may have dementia in my future:)

Anyways, it wasn't fancy, but it did the job. I sewed plenty of pillows, Halloween costumes,  curtain panels, window cushions and various other items over the last few years but now it has been laid to rest.

I have to admit, for some reason I loved the fact that my machine was so ancient and simple.  It made me feel like I was enjoying the simple things in life when I sewed.  :)

But, when the belt broke Monday morning, my neighbor who had left her machine here from our last week sewing date said I was welcome to borrow hers for the time being.  So I plugged it in, and admit I was somewhat intimidated by the many options and buttons.  But, like riding a bike, I threaded that baby like it was just yesterday I was sitting in sewing class in high school.  When my foot hit the peddle and the sound of the needle going up and down hummed oh so quietly, I was suddenly...well, over my "old" machine.  What's that saying,"you don't know until you tried it??  Well, I shouldn't have tried it, cause that was it, I needed a new machine and a decent one.

That's where craigs list comes in handy.  I promptly tracked down a machine, and set up a time to pick up.

Simple pleasures = a starbucks and a sunny drive to Aldergrove with some good tunes when my daughter is home from school and I've been held hostage in my house since last Thursday due to sicknesses.  It may be used, but it's definitely newer than my last machine.  I tested it out this afternoon and it's like an item of luxury.  I love it.  And I even like the pink on it:)

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  1. My Granny had a machine like your old Empire.
    I think she even had to pump foot pedals to make it work! Have fun with your new baby!


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