Friday, August 22, 2014

Little Chair

Friday, August 22, 2014

Last project, complete!  I'm sailing away to my island summer vacation.... Sunday:) 

Who doesn't want to be there?!  Oh, I can't wait to be one with the hippies:)  And of course, rummage through the dump. lol

A week or two ago, I sold this pretty white and walnut waterfall desk, along with a mirror. 

The client sent me a lovely message a couple days later, along with a picture of it all prettied up in his daughter's room:)

They asked me to find them a chair to go with it, and I originally found this one. 

But, sadly, I was obviously not thorough with my inspection and there was a crack in the leg:(  Lesson to be learned...  

I tried to repair it, by gluing and clamping it but this attempt was not successful.  And that my friends, is money down the drain.

So, I called upon a neighbor who I just picked up a table from the other day, and had some odds and sods in her garage that I was eyeballing. 

She was nice enough to let me come shop at 930pm. lol. Sweet, especially since VV closes at 9pm, and by the time I had finished up my work for the day, and put the kidlets to bed and my husband made it home, it was 930pm!

Everything worked out in the end, minus a useless purchased chair.

And the transformation is complete.

I used a creamy white damask fabric I had on hand, that the client agreed would be a perfect fit. 

I think this "little chair" is going to be, just right.

And that's all for this week folks!

Enjoy the last week of summer!!!

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