Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Custom Bathroom Vanity

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remember that blue dresser I posted on facebook a couple weeks ago that I was working on? 

This is a custom piece for a dear friend of mine, who will actually be converting it into a bathroom vanity!  I've always wanted to do one of these pieces, but envisioned it for myself. lol.  

After nearly 2 hours of sanding and chipping away at this ancient blue paint, here's what I was left with.  

  I even broke out my big girl belt sander for this one and my "serious face mask."  TWO hours people!  Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes paint on these old pieces can be stuck on like tar cement!

Great selfie right? 

I will admit, I was cursing in my mask.  (Don't worry D, I still love you:) She did not want the blue to show through the distressing, so I had to make sure I removed enough of it from at least the edges to prevent it from peaking through.  

Sounds easy enough right?  Nope. 

But, after all this prep work of sanding and patching, it is finally done and I have to say, it's yummy and I'm loving it.

Hope she does too! 

I stole all the items in our powder room downstairs to stage this one.  All vintage finds, minus the awesome soap dispenser I fell in love with at Home Sense a couple weeks ago. 

I also did some research on how to sealing the top of this, as I didn't think my go to wax would suffice. 

I ended up choosing this product, as another that was recommended was no longer available.

I was a little nervous trying out a new product, and also after having a few bad experiences with varnishes in the past, but I would definitely recommend this one. 

I used a foam brush, and did at least 6 coats.  It went on really easy, no streaking and didn't try too fast while applying it.  And best of all, it didn't leave that thick clear coat look! 

I'll make sure to post some more pics of this vanity once it is actually installed and the sink is in:)

And on a totally different side note, I tried changing my template the other day for my blog and I messed it all up and don't know how to fix it! lol.  I find this kind of thing completely frustrating and spent hours trying to fix it the other day, and then finally gave up.  Who has countless hours to waste in front of a computer?  Not me!  

I'll have to tackle that some day soon....  Until then, you will just have to put up with the weird spacing and such:) 


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