Saturday, July 19, 2014

Custom French Art

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Oh, I love summer:)  

The kids are on break, the weather is warm and our schedule is a little more flexible.  Which means, more time for me to work!  

I suppose I could be painting early morning in the cooler months, but it's just not as enjoyable.  In fact, it's not enjoyable at all when it's minus degrees out and your hands are numb while painting.  And for some reason, my husband (who leaves his dirty clothes anywhere and everywhere after removing them, his dirty dishes and let's just say he's not so tidy:)) seems to not appreciate me painting in our dining room. lol

So, yesterday morning I had already done my workout, had a shower and was drinking coffee and painting at 8am in a tank top outside:)  

Yes, I love summer. 

So I've been working a lot the last couple weeks, taking advantage of this time, weather and trying to tackle all of my projects that have been sitting for quite some time. 

I made one of these custom french art pieces for myself last year for our powder room downstairs.  It turned out just how I envisioned and was inspired to make more.  It just took me nearly a year to do so. lol. 

But, better late then never!

This piece measures 17" x 38", and includes hooks for hanging.  

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