Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Me, My Break & My Crazy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
My children are playing nicely "together" at the moment, so let's see how fast I can get my long overdue post typed!

Let's see... Where to start?  Well after a few crazy busy months for me and two markets in November I decided to take some much needed R & R over the holidays.  By R & R, I mean start my Christmas baking marathon,  work on my own home decorating (Christmas decor) etc, spend time with my kidlets, get all my Christmas shopping done/preparations, and get my home back into some kind of order after months of neglect.  To some degree, I have no idea how I filled all these days and weeks  but I know I've been busy doing "things?".....  

Basically, here is what seems to be the cycle of my life....

Work like like a crazy lady.

Stop working to "relax, regroup & reevaluate."

Start to go a little nutty from lack of creative stimuli.

Start looking for aimless things to make me feel "full".  This includes purging anything I can or am willing to part with in my home & deep cleaning my house.

Endless hours of pinning on Pinterest.

When the purging and cleaning is done, I start cooking all the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest so this will make my life more interesting.

I also spend several weeks trying to lose all the pounds that "snuck" up on me while I was "relaxing" with baked goods and wine, by vigorously exercising.

I dye my hair cause I'm still looking for some excitement.

I start taking my toddler to playgroup so at least she can have some fun and stimuli.

I spend more time on Pinterest and my new Ipad, now looking to renovate my entire home.

My friend Dina aka "partner in crime" mentions thrifting to me.  And since it's been several weeks I get all excited and go on a thrifitng bender for a week.  Sadly, not coming up with very much and I really don't want to bring home any furniture as my garage is still too full for my liking. So, that is somewhat limiting. But it does give me a short high for a few days....

I contemplate a dog (which I say I will never get - sorry dog lovers but there are various reasons for this decision at this point in my life) and I even get a little ohhhhhhh when I see a baby.  Like that would give me something to do?! lol.

After all this. I finally realize I think I need to paint something? lol

Yes, that is snow on the ground.  Brrrr

So last week, despite the freezing temperatures I broke out the sander one sunny afternoon.  I'm starting with 2 nightstands I'm refinishing for our master bedroom.  The weather has been terribly cold for my liking, wet, foggy and very unmotivating!  But, I think if I continue to wait, I will definitely become full on crazy.  

So space heater it was today and even though, my little one wouldn't go down for a nap, I still managed to put a coat on a chair all while preparing snacks, putting on treehouse and meeting all my 2 1/2 year olds demands.  It's a slow start back but I'm happy to be back at it!  Here's to hoping I can find some balance this year:)



  1. Soooo funny and I can TOTALLY relate!!
    PS don't get a puppy.......

  2. You're an inspiration! :) We only paint and purge when we prep to move!

    PPS, You're certainly welcome to borrow Bugsy or our "baby" :)

  3. :) Janis. And don't worry, no puppies or babies over here!


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